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Arigato - Our Great Referrals Program!

"Better than sliced bread", says Peter

"At last, a real deal on that elusive free lunch!", adds Graham

A Brilliant Way to Reward YOU for Referring US

How does it work?

First, of course, you have to refer your friends to us!

Then we credit your account each month with a percentage of their spend with us.

When they in turn refer their friends to us, you get a cut of that too!

Oh, and once again for the next level down!!!

With sufficient customers referred to us, your Miso invoices could get very small indeed. Heck, you might even build up a credit balance with us!

Build up a credit balance of at least £10 and you can ask us to send you the money. Customers who are vat registered businesses can do this by sending us an invoice and can also add vat to the credit amount.

See How Much You Could Benefit

Item1st Level2nd Level3rd Level
UK National Calls12.5%5.0%2.5%
UK Mobile Calls12.5%5.0%2.5%
Europe National Calls12.5%5.0%2.5%
Europe Mobile Calls12.5%5.0%2.5%

So, if you refer five friends and they in turn refer five more who in turn refer five more...

... then you would benefit from 5 level 1 rewards, 25 level 2 rewards and 125 level 3 rewards!!!


Why not pop over to our FAQ page to see if we have already answered it for someone else?

If your question isn't there, then just let us know with a quick email. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can, and quite possibly we will add it to our FAQ list so others can benefit too.