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Miso VoIP Services

5 Great Services!

We have five great services to choose from:

None of our services tie you into long term contracts, we simply invoice you monthly in advance at the start of each month. Basically, we want happy customers not frustrated customers! So, if you later decide you no longer need the service, then just let us know and we will end the contract at the end of that current month's service period.

Miso Solo - Only £3.00 inc vat (£2.50 exc vat) per month

Miso Solo is our entry level service. Designed for those who want a simple to use, no nonsense, VoIP product. For a low monthly fee you have your own fixed, geographic telephone number. Once configured you can make calls at great rates, and it costs nothing to receive calls (although if you receive calls on a soft-phone application on your mobile phone then your mobile operator might charge you for data usage, or at least it is likely to be counted as part of your data usage allowance). Entry level it might be, but you still have a host of additional features available to you at no extra cost. Features such as:

  • Caller Number Display
  • Call Divert/Forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
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Miso Solo Inclo - Only £4.20 inc vat (£ 3.50 exc vat) per month

All the benefits of Miso Solo, but we have added some bundled minutes to get you going!

This tariff provides you with 175 UK national (01/02/03 numbers) minutes to get you off to a great start.

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Miso Mobo - Only £0.00 inc vat (£0.00 exc vat) per month

Miso Mobo frees you from those very expensive international calling rates when using your mobile. Register your mobile number with us when you create your account and then dial our UK 0203 access number to enjoy our great value international rates. There is no need to authenticate, as we do that automatically based on the mobile phone number (you do therefore need to make sure that you do not hide this number from those you call).

Your call to our access number comes out of your standard mobile minutes bundle, so the only extra you pay on top is our great value rate to whichever number you call.

There is no monthly fee for using the Mobo service - just great value rates to international destinations!

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Miso Faxo - Only £3.00 inc vat (£2.50 exc vat) per month

Yes, we know that faxes are very much yesterdays news! Most people/businesses communicate via emails these days. However, that is why we feel it makes no sense to retain a dedicated telephone line (at a cost of perhaps £15.00 per month) just so that you are able to receive the occasional fax.

Miso Faxo allows you to both save money and increase convenience. Any faxes you receive are automatically converted to Adobe PDFs and emailed to you as attachments. Away from home or the office when the fax arrives? No problem, you will find it waiting in your email inbox!

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Miso Centro - Only £9.60 inc vat (£8.00 exc vat) per month

Ever heard of Centrex? No, probably not! Mind you, most people have probably heard of the term PBX (sometimes refered to as PABX). This allows businesses to connect all of their internal telephones together without having to involve an operator such as BT for internal calls between employees.

Well, Centrex is basically a PBX "in the cloud" (and Centro is our product name for this). By this we mean that the central control is situated "in the Internet" (or rather in our softswitch!). Each telephone "extension" logs on to our softswitch and that switch facilitates and controls calls between those extensions, and indeed from/to those extensions and other telephones around the country/world.

Whilst generally regarded as a business service, Miso Centro is just as useful to consumers. For example, your home telephone, your laptop (via a softphone application) and indeed your family's mobiles (again via softphone apps) could all keep in touch with each other, pick up an incoming call, or divert a call to another family member easily with Miso Centro.

Son/daughter at college with no money to phone home? No problem, it is free if they have a SIP phone in their room or a softphone app on their laptop! Away at your weekend cottage? No problem, you can still be reached on your normal landline number. Away on holiday and in the hotel room (laptop and wifi) or laying by the pool or on the beach (mobile phone and softphone app)? Again, no problem.

Our Centro service comes complete with an initial 6 extensions, and you can easily add more when you need them for a small additional monthly fee - and we do not charge for calls between end points!

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