Partners Wanted

Partners Wanted!

YOU can help us grow

Whether you are looking for some additional income to boost your earnings, need a part-time income whilst you study, or perhaps are looking to develop a "pension" income for when you retire, you could do a lot worse than considering becoming one of our valued partners.

What are the Benefits?

You will receive a credit for every month that each of the customers you refer to us remains a customer. Once the credit reaches £50 or more you can cash it in for payment. If you are a UK vat registered business then you can send us an invoice with vat at the current rate added on top.

The credit amount is currently set at 20% of the exc vat amount generated by a customer for both monthly rental and calls made to UK fixed (01, 02, and 03) and UK mobile numbers. Thus if a customer is invoiced for £20 exc vat a month for rental and calls then you would be credited with £4 the following month.

The individual monthly amounts might not seem much, but remember, you will receive those credits each and every month that the customer remains with us, year-in, year-out. Also, the more customers you bring to us, the more your rewards will accumulate - just think, 100 customers paying us £20 exc vat a month would result in a monthly credit to YOU of £400!! We look after the customers once you have brought them to us, so you can simply concentrate on finding new ones.

What are my Commitments to Miso?

By the end of your first year as a partner you must have at least ten active customers that you have referred to us. You must then maintain at least ten active customers to remain a partner. By "active" we mean customers that are using our services and thus being invoiced by us.

I am Interested, What do I do Now?

Simply send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch!