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Low Cost Telephone Calls Using Your Broadband Connection

This is probably the easiest thing to understand. We provide you with one or more UK telephone numbers. You can then make or receive telephone calls to and from pretty much any phone in the world using these numbers. You've got a choice of how you make or receive the calls - you can do this using an IP telephone handset (a SIP phone in the technical jargon), which plugs into a LAN or router using an Ethernet cable. You can buy from us, or indeed a host of other websites, if you don't have one already. You can also get cordless versions of these too, where a base station uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a LAN or router, and you have all the freedom of a normal cordless handset.

You can also use a softphone application on your laptop, or yes even on your mobile phone! There are a number of these available, and we have one which we suggest for Windows machines called ZoIPer. We've tested Zoiper Classic on our network, and it works just fine. For those of you with a Mac then why not try Telephone? Graham (being a Mac believer) has tried it and loves it!

You can also use a regular telephone, though you will need a special adaptor, which you can also buy from us.

Like a normal fixed line telephone service, you only pay for outgoing calls. Incoming calls to a normal UK number are free of charge. You can go with just the telephone number, or we offer a bundle of minutes to get you started.

Anyway, the thing is, our service is incredibly good value, because (a) we're using the Internet to carry your voice calls part of the way and (b) we do not require you to have a dedicated land line in order to use our service.

Call Features You Are Used To

You can set your telephone number(s) to divert to another phone, take voicemails, divert and then take voicemails. This list goes on..... Your voicemails can even be emailed to you as audio files - very useful if you are on the move and/or need to maintain a record of voicemails received.

A Switchboard in the Cloud

Cloud based this... Cloud based that... Yes, we're afraid it is one of the latest buzz words! But that does not mean clouds are not great - as long as it is not raining all day of course!

If you've got more than one person in your company (or even in your family!), we can provide you with a switchboard (or PBX or PABX or whatever you want to call it) in the cloud. So here's the deal - one number for incoming calls, and you can configure call answering in many different ways. Everyone gets their own voicemail. You can transfer calls between phones/extensions. Plus there's no charge from us for calling one extension from another, no matter where they are located.

And here's the beauty of this - your people can be located pretty much anywhere in the world so long as they have a good broadband connection: at home, in different offices, and so on. So you can feel like one big happy family (sorry, company), even if you're hundreds or thousands of miles apart. We call this Miso Centro - you can order it here.

Who Remembers Using a Fax?

Oh yes, did we mention we also offer fax services? You need a fax number from us, and then you can receive faxes to your laptop via your normal email account.

We know that faxes are so yesterday's news. But that's the point - why spend loads of money on a dedicated telephone land line for a service you rarely use? Come on, we bet most of you only recieve a fax every now and then, and send one once in a blue moon!

With Miso, you can receive faxes to a dedicated telephone number without incurring the cost of a dedicated telephone land line. The faxes can be stored on our server (in the cloud!), for you to look at when you are ready, or automatically emailed to you as a pdf attachment as well (or instead) should you wish.


Sorry Scotty, nothing to do with beaming you up!

Just like a computer, our service works from pretty much anywhere in the world as long as you can get a decent broadband connection. If you have a softphone, you can connect over WiFi. If you have a physical telephone handset you will need to be able to plug into an Ethernet socket somewhere.

(Unfortunately, some countries do block IP telephony, however, so it won't work absolutely everywhere)


Why not pop over to our FAQ page to see if we have already answered it for someone else?

If your question isn't there, then just let us know with a quick email. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can, and quite possibly we will add it to our FAQ list so others can benefit too.