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Here are Some Scenarios to Think About...

One Phone Line for My Broadband

"I need a phone line for my broadband, so how can you save me money?"

This is one of the most common questions we hear, since unless you are lucky enough to have wireless broadband then you will have no real option but to keep your BT landline.

The answer is though that it is a lot easier than you might think!

Did you know that a one minute standard rate call to a UK 01 or 02 number currently costs 30.0p inc vat from a BT residential land line*, with a three minute call costing 52.0p? To mobiles it is even more expensive - 34.0p for a one minute call and 64.0p for a three minute call.

It does not take many calls a month to offset our low monthly fee for a Miso connection. After that you can save with each call you make.

With our low call rates you can save money if you currently make more than 6 three minute calls to UK mobiles per month at standard BT rates!*

Even with calls to 01 or 02 numbers, it only takes 7 three minute calls per month to start saving money compared to standard BT rates!*

* Comparisons between BT standard residential rates as of February 2017 and Miso current rates for Solo service (monthly fee £3.00 inc vat).

Phone Line with Broadband plus a Fax Line

Once you have more than one BT line into the building then the potential savings really start to grow!

Just keep one of the BT lines so that your broadband still works and replace the other(s) with Miso connections. With the standard cost* of each BT line rental coming to at least £18.99 inc vat, it would be crazy not to!

* BT standard residential rate as of February 2017

Small Office

With a small office your telecoms needs tend to grow. Everyone would like a phone on their desk. If you have a meeting room then you probably need one in there too. But what to do?

Install a separate BT phone line for each person?

Ouch! Well not a good idea unless you have money to burn!!

Just share the one line across multiple phones?

This is a common solution but is far from ideal for a business. After all, if one person is making or receiving a call then no one else can use the phone - yikes, you might be missing calls from potential customers!

Buy yourself a small PBX?

Another common solution, but ask yourself (a) how much will it cost you to buy? (b) do you feel confident that you can set it up? (c) what about making changes as your needs develop?

Many businesses will simply ask an external company to install and maintain the PBX, but at what cost?

Contact Miso!

With Miso Centro, all you need are suitable phones plus a good broadband connection. We can then help you to set up your very own "PBX in the Cloud". Easy, web-based configuration or we can even supply the phones pre-configured if you wish so all you need to do is plug them in!

Phone Line plus Broadband in Shared Accomodation

If you live in a flat or house share then it is one thing to split the cost of the line rental and broadband between the sharers, but trying to work out who called whom and when can easily cause arguments when the BT telephone bill arrives!

With Miso, you can have your own phone in your room, with your own number for friends and family to call. YOU then control the costs and no more arguments when the BT bill arrives.

Oh, and if you are away for the weekend, or back at your folks' home during holidays then simply take your phone with you and plug it in to the broadband wherever you happen to be. It behaves just as though you were still in your room!

Remote Workers

With Miso Centro, your employees do not even need to be in the office to benefit!

All they need is a suitable phone and a broadband connection and they can soon be making and receiving calls just as if they were actually in the room next to you.


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