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Money Savings

Let's start with the money saving stuff first. To rent a number from us costs just £2.50 per month plus VAT. Our call charges are low too - 2.000p plus VAT per minute to UK 01 and 02 landlines, 4.50p plus VAT per minute to UK mobiles and our international rates are also great value. You can see a full list of our call charges here.

If you need a switchboard or PBX for your business (or even for your family) there's no need to worry about leasing or (good grief) buying one - no need to worry about making space for it, or what happens when someone spills their coffee all over it. All the clever PBX stuff is done on our secure servers, so all you need is at least one telephone number from us and however many handsets or softphone apps you need.

Increased Flexibility

You can configure and reconfigure your service (whether it rings, goes to voicemail, diverts, etc) until the cows come home. There's no charge for making changes to these.

But you also save money through increased flexibility. You and your lovely people can work and play anywhere there is a decent broadband connection using either a softphone app on your computer (or smartphone) or, if you prefer, by taking a handset with you. There's no need to tell us where you are, and no charges (from us) for accessing the service wherever you are.


Because you prepay for the service, there's no danger of being hit by an unexpected bill for calls to Katmandu or wherever at the end of the month. If you like, we'll even email you to tell you when your balance has reached a certain level, and if you want us to, we'll top up your account automatically. We only use pukka payment processing people so no one's going to steal your card details from little old us because we never see them. Right now we offer payment via PayPal, though don't worry if you do not yet have a PayPal account as you can still pay through them without one. Also, because you're prepaying, you can stop whenever you want. We'll refund any unused credit to you.

We hope you'll never have any major disagreements with us, but just in case, we're members of the Ombudsman Service. So if we can't sort things out between us, there's an impartial and professional way to get any problems resolved.

More Questions?

If you're still utterly baffled by all this Voice Over IP stuff, try checking out our FAQs. If you can't see the answer to your question there, drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you!